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California Prison Industry

Industry Employment Program (IEP)

Last updated: May 20, 2021

The California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) developed the Industry Employment Program (IEP) in 2001 to enhance the ability of CALPIA participants to obtain meaningful jobs upon release, thus reducing recidivism and contributing to safer communities. CALPIA requires factory supervisors to prepare and evaluate job skills, experience, education, and work habits acquired by participants assigned to enterprises.

CALPIA work assignments allow participants the chance to obtain and apply the skills and experience in a real work environment. CALPIA participants also develop a valuable work portfolio that can be used by the parolee, parole agents, and employment specialists for job preparation and placement.

Program Benefits

CALPIA Participants

  • Opportunity to acquire job skills and accredited certifications recognized by private industry
  • Goal-oriented work that develops self-esteem and confidence
  • Help with skill assessment and transitional services

Potential Employers

For additional information regarding the Industry Employment Program, contact (877)-276-7290 or email  

Transition to Employment Program

Purpose: To assist in facilitating CALPIA incarcerated individual workers’ successful re-entry back into the community.

  • The Transition to Employment Program assists incarcerated individuals in obtaining required documents for employment and provides transitional services needed to find employment upon parole.
  • This program assists incarcerated individuals by arranging DMV appointments to help them obtain a California driver’s license or identification card, provides Social Security Administration information, and assists incarcerated individuals in utilizing the America’s Job Center of California.

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