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California Prison Industry

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Last updated: May 19, 2021

As easy as 1-2-3!

How California benefits when you buy from CALPIA

CALPIA trains inmates to be “Job Ready” upon release.

More and more inmates each year that parole and have been through the CALPIA program are getting jobs and paying taxes. For every inmate that does not return, taxpayers save money!

CALPIA supports California Businesses.

CALPIA purchases a substantial amount of raw materials from California-owned businesses that employ thousands of California workers and pay California taxes. CALPIA keeps the money in California!

CALPIA inmates contribute to the Victim Restitution Fund.

Part of an inmate’s pay is used to pay court-ordered restitution and fees. This helps the crime victims as well as reducing the costs of the process. CALPIA-employed inmates pay back society.

How your State agency benefits when you buy from CALPIA

Save staff time and money.

When your State agency purchases from CALPIA, no bids are required, and there is no minimum or maximum order amount on purchase orders. Fewer purchase orders save time and money.

You buy more with your budget dollars.

Remember, you don’t pay State sales tax when your State agency purchases from CALPIA and in most cases, freight charges are included. CALPIA products are competitively priced, tested to meet the highest standards and have superior warranties. Maximize your budget.

Convenience and versatility make CALPIA the place to shop.

CALPIA produces over 1,800 different products with over 30,000 options. The choice is yours. You can order online at you can check order status online anytime.

How easy is it?

CALPIA Staff is ready to assist you.

Your experienced CALPIA Account Representative can help you with your purchase. Contact the CALPIA Sales Department at (916) 323-2419. They can help you select the best products or services for your agency. We are ready to serve you.

You can order by:

California Prison Industry Authority
560 East Natoma Street
Folsom, CA 95630-2200
Phone: (916) 358-2733
Customer Services Fax: (916) 358-2660
Sales Fax: (916) 322-1184

CALPIA builds successful partnerships.

Tell your Account Representative what you need and CALPIA will work with your agency to design the product that meets your specifications. CALPIA has partnered with many State agencies to develop products they need. You can have it your way!