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California Prison Industry


Last updated: March 24, 2023

CALPIA develops and maintains regulations and policies to support its work programs for incarcerated individuals. Pursuant to Penal Code Sections 2801 and 2808, CALPIA and the Prison Industry Board (PIB) have implied rulemaking authority to adopt regulations that govern its procedures. CALPIA’s Legal Services Unit ensures policies with regulatory impact are promulgated through the public process of the PIB and vetted through the Rulemaking Process as specified in the Administrative Procedure Act.

California Code of Regulations (all Titles, 1 through 28)

CALPIA Regulations (Title 15, Division 8)

PIB Regulations (Title 15, Division 8.5)

Public Notice

When CALPIA proposes to adopt new regulations, the Legal Services Unit notifies interested parties of the public and receives all written comments submitted by the public on the proposed rulemaking. A public hearing may be conducted where members of the public may present comments about the proposed regulations. Such hearings are solely designed to receive comments from the public. The merits of the proposed regulations are not debated during these hearings. Comments received from the public during the comment period will be reviewed, summarized and responded to by CALPIA in its Final Statement of Reasons.

When Commenting

Please include the subject title of the proposed regulation. Comments should be directed specifically to the regulations being proposed. Comments should address a specific concern, suggest a change to, or express support of the specific regulations under consideration. Unfortunately, CALPIA cannot effectively respond to public comments that are overly general or are not directed at the specific rules being proposed.

Public Participation

CALPIA encourages the public to submit comments regarding the adoption, amendment and repeal of regulations during the announced public comment period. There are several ways to participate in the public process:

Written comments may be mailed to:

Legal Services Unit — Regulation and Policy
560 East Natoma Street
Folsom, CA 95630

Comments may be sent by FAX to:

(916) 358-2709
Attention: Legal Office

​​​Comments may be sent by electronic mail to: CAL*******@cal*****.gov