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California Prison Industry

New Products

Last updated: July 6, 2021

CALPIA New Products

Click below for information on CALPIA new products.

Face Mask – Elastic

Picture of Face Mask Elastic 
More Information 

Face Mask – Tie Back

Picture of Face Mask Tie Back 
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Hand Sanitizer – Alcohol
Picture of Hand Sanitizer Alcohol
More Information 

Hand Sanitizer -Alcohol Free

Picture of Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Free
More Information

Hands-FreeArm Door Pull

 picture of Hands-FreeArm Door Pull

More Information 

Hands-FreeFoot Door Pull

 picture of Hands-FreeFoot Door Pull

More Information 

Ear Savers

Picture of Ear Savers
More Information 

Social Distancing Signs

Picture of Social distancing signs

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