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California Prison Industry


Last updated: July 28, 2021

Step1: Search, Step2: Assessment, Step3: Apply

After you have identified the specific job or jobs you are interested in, the next step is to take the associated assessment/exam. The examination process is our opportunity to learn more about your education, experience, abilities, and knowledge. The examination process can take many forms, including an interview or exam, depending on the job.

Read the job’s bulletin to see the qualifications needed. It will also explain what the job is like, notes the salary range, and gives you an overview of the assessment process.

If you are interested and qualified, begin the exam. If you pass, then you are eligible to start applying!

After you have taken the online exam, it does take 24-48 hours for your results to be available on CalCareers. Your results will be available within your CalCareers account, under the Exams / Assessments Records section. You will also be able to access your exam ranking within this section. To be appointed for a position, you will need to be within the top three ranks to be eligible to be appointed to a position, if using list eligibility.

Types of Exams

  • Department-Specific Exams: CALPIA has department-specific classifications which have corresponding examinations. These examinations are available on our website and require a separate login to be created for CALPIA’s exams provider.
  • Statewide Exams: The statewide exams are available for classifications used throughout multiple State agencies. These exams are available through CalCareers and require a CalCareers account.
  • Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP): LEAP is designed to help persons with disabilities get jobs in the California state civil service. LEAP is an alternative to the traditional testing process, allowing applicants to demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities through on-the-job testing.

How to Get Started Working for California