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California Prison Industry

2021-2024 CALPIA Strategic Business Plan

Last updated: November 1, 2022

In 2020, the CALPIA team began the process of updating the organization’s Strategic Business Plan. This effort included 65 hours of planning sessions with 280 contributors. Participants included formerly and currently incarcerated individuals, a Joint Venture Partner, staff from multiple institutions across the state, Administrators, Central Office staff, Executive Leadership, and members of the Prison Industry Board. 
The goal of this broad approach was to engage people at every level to contribute their time, energy and effort to set the future road map and provide direction for the organization. 

This Strategic Business Plan reiterates CALPIA’s Vision, Mission and Core Values and sets forth specific, realistic, measurable objectives for CALPIA to accomplish during the next three years. CALPIA’s most important goal focuses its efforts on continuing to improve the lives of incarcerated individuals as a demonstrated method of reducing recidivism and making the state a safer place for all. Additionally, CALPIA remains committed to providing quality products and services that are sustainable and to continually improve the experience of our customers. Download Strategic Business Plan

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